Hard Drives for Outbound Model 125 Laptop on Ebay

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Hard Drives for Outbound Model 125 Laptop on Ebay

The Outbound Laptop Model 125 only uses four types of hard drive as far as I know, 20, 40, 60 and 80 MB 2.5" IDE drives. I know that the Conner CP20xx variety work in the Outbound. Although now that I'm about to write it, I suddenly have doubts about the CP2084. I think I only ever owned a CP2064 before but always yearned for the larger (80 MB) 2084.

IIRC, Outbound Model 125 compatible hard drives for about $25 by the time one pays shipping.

We really need some 68K machine code hacker to hack in compatibility with larger drives.


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i agree it would be nice to p

i agree it would be nice to put a newer bigger hd in an outbound

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Performing some thread

Performing some thread necromancy here... So what is the scoup on Conner drives in the 125? My PrairieTek died so I need to replace the drive. And I have no floppy drive either. One battle at a time I guess. The PT drives are impossible to find unless I buy another very collectable PC laptop of similar vintage that "usually" has a PT drice. Conner drives are more avilable, but the pin configuraiton/size/connector is differnet from what I have found. So I need some options/ideas including the possibility of getting a Conner to work somehow with, I asusume, some sortta adapter.

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