Speed of SIMMs in a SE/30

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Speed of SIMMs in a SE/30

I used to own an SE/30 more than 10 years a go, I missed that machine I wish wouldn't sold that one. Recently bought one in good condition. But it has 8 MB RAM and I want to upgrade the RAM.

I have two questions:

- Do 60 ns SIMMs work w/ SE/30
- Is it possible to mix 60 ns and 120 ns SIMMs 4 by 4

Many thanks.

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the ram that is faster will work at the SE's speed

same with regular computers, if you have a computer that takes PC-2100 (the slower) and PC-2700 (the faster) if you install a PC-2700, it will run @ 2100 speed. It should be the same with the SE/30. As far as going above 8MB, I think you should opt for the ROM Replacement with a IIsi or a IIfx ROM. that would make the machine 32-bit Clean. if not, you will need Mode-32 from Apple's site in order to use the SE/30 with more than 8MB Ram. 60ns ram *should* work. if it does, then the 60/120 combo should work as well. they will just run at 120 speed

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120ns in an SE/30?

Maybe 120ns is OK for an SE or Plus, but IIRC all 68030s require at least 100ns, with IICis needing 80ns. Can anyone recollect more clearly than I? (I'm sure they can, I'm just looking to see it here!) :coolmac:

In any case, 60ns sticks will work fine, assuming they're otherwise compatible.

dan k

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Here's the answer

The direct answer to your specific question is: YES, 60ns SIMMS work in the SE/30. How do I know? Because I have eight 16MB 60ns SIMMS currently installed in my SE/30 and they work just fine. I've had this setup running for quite some time actually. I can run all the benchmarking apps too, most of which test RAM, without any problems.

As to mixing different RAM speeds, I believe this is allowed, but I've never tested it myself. I've never tested it because I've always been taught to NOT mix RAM speeds even if it is allowed. But of course, it won't hurt anything for you to try mixing the RAM you have and seeing if it works fine over time (with no crashes or lockups).

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