WTB: MicroMac DiiMO 030 accelerator for SE/30

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WTB: MicroMac DiiMO 030 accelerator for SE/30

The Sonnet accelerator I was looking for previously seems to be very hard to find, I will still accept an offer for it, but now I am looking for a MicroMac DiiMO 030 accelerator for the SE/30, the version with the 50MHz CPU and the 50MHz FPU. There are different kinds of the DiiMO 030, I think. The one for the SE/30 fits in the PDS slot (obviously), and it has a PDS pass through on top of it so you can plug in another PDS card on it. To tell if it has the FPU (it also exists without an FPU), it must have two socketed chips. The version with only the CPU has only one socketed chip. The FPU would be right next to the CPU, and is slightly smaller than the CPU.

I am a serious buyer. Please contact me right away if you have one to sell, or if you know where I can get one. Also contact me if you know somebody else who has one.

FYI, don't make the mistake of telling me to order from MicroMac, please Smiley They DiiMO 030 has been discontinued for quite some time and their site has not been updated for seven years.

I am not interested in any 68040 based accelerators. They do not work with the Xceed video card.