WTB: AGP video card

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WTB: AGP video card

Wanted: AGP video card for my Sawtooth G4.

The current card is a PCI Radeon 7000, so I want something slightly better than that, but would like to keep to a modest budget. Might even consider AGP version of R7000.

Select PC AGP cards considered (TIA, I know they will not work stock).

Shipping would be to Canada. Please contact me via PM.

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PC GeForce 3 great value

Breakin' the law, breakin' the law . . . eh, sorry, I know this ain't supposed to be a discussion area, but I cain't hep myself . . .

My suggestion is to snag a PC NVidia GF3, nearly as fast as the Apple OEM GF4Ti but costs much much less. It'll kick a R7000's behind six ways from Sunday.

In my QS I started with a $35 wintel 64MB GF3, then replaced it with a GF4 but got maybe only an additional 10%-15% better performance (measured using Q3A timedemo) for my $175 outlay. Maybe some later apps make better use of the GF4 but I doubt it. The GF4 is the very fastest display card supported under OS9 and even the later ATI cards are only a little faster under X.

Uh, sorry though, I haven't a spare GF3 to sell, but perhaps this will help sharpen your 'focus'.

dan k

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