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Seeking iPod

Hello Everyone,
as a favor to a friend I'm putting out a want ad for the regular Apple iPod. It can be used, so long as it's functional, and we can discuss price as well, but I'm hoping to help him out. Now, as collateral to shave off some of the price, I will throw in the following items to offset the original price;

1- Mac Plus, 1 mb, upgraded to 4 mb and about two dozen 800k disks with various programs. Some of the disks work, others don't it's all old tech, but I've loved it while I've had it. The mac plus had it's front prepped for a project I never finished, so it's white, smooth and the apple logo is metal finished. The keyboard is complete, but the plastic is Olive Drab.

1-Mac Se/30 I got this one not too long ago, and since then I've taken a look around on the inside, it's fully functional, complete with Hdd and 1.4 mb FDD. In addition, I have an ADB Keyboard and mouse (I completely dismantled said ADB keyboard, scrubbed every key and component and reassembled it, I've never seen hot glued keys until now!). I also have an external 2 gig HDD in a SCSI case with the apple logo on it. I'll include the SCSI terminator and one 25 pin to 50 pin Centronix cable. I also have an Apple external SCSI CD-rom drive, never got it working right, but it was mostly because I didn't have the time. I've got a caddy for it and will also include a power cable.

These are the main two items up to offset the cost, however if you've really got something worth while and are willing to talk back and forth, I've got the following item;

1-Apple Powerbook 1400CS. New AC Adaptor from Apple (yo-yo type), included is O.S 8.6, 48 mb of Ram, and the original Passive Matrix Screen. I've got the x12 CD-rom and Floppy moduals and the battery holds at least 50-60 minutes charge on lower power (enough to type notes in a class). I'll also include the Ornico Wireless PCMCIA card, this guy IS wireless, I've used it on Wi-Fi before. The screen itself is not so hot, there are a couple lines up the left hand side and the top plastic is missing. This computer CAN be touchy at times, which is why I hold back on it and say it's AS IS.

If you've got an iPod and it's in good shape, I'd like to hear from you the pricing information. I appriciate your time, and thanks for reading my Ad!

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Just wondering what you would want for the se/30 with the accessories?

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