Anybody want to donate a cheap/free Apple ][+ or ][e?

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Anybody want to donate a cheap/free Apple ][+ or ][e?

I've needed one of these for about two years now. I keep hoping that one will turn up at a thrift store or yard sale so I woundn't need to bother with shipping, but no luck so far. And of course I have looked on eBay, but most of what I've found are resellers who don't know anything about the condition or functionality of their machines - or big packages for collectors with lots of extras and software. It kills me to know that within 50 miles of here there are probably a dozen or more ][ machines going unused in closets and attics, but I can't find them. My parents bought a clone for me when I was 12 or so, a Franklin, which was ok. Except that they never wanted to buy software for me, and didn't trust me with a modem. So it just got used for "Lode Runner" on and off for a few years until I moved out, then they either gave it away or junked it. Always thought it a shame that I had so little use for it at the time.

So why do I need one now? For a few years I have been trying to put together a more or less zero-budget electronic music studio. It has been a challenge since I had no home or employment for five years, doing the "starving artist" thing. Now I have a house and a job, but no extra money as it costs the same amount I bring home. But I do finally have a roomy, stable environment for my tinkering! Mostly I am making analog circuits, but I have a few cool synths and other gear which I found or was able to buy on the extreme cheap. One of my faves is an old additive synthesizer, the Kurzweil K150fs. To really get down and make sounds with it though one needs an Apple ][ to run Hal Chamberlin's (the inventor) SMP program. I have the K150, and the program, even the ][ MIDI interface, but not the computer itself. What I have been able to do with the K150 so far has been basic but a lot of fun. It's incredible that most people have passed up on the K150 because they'd need an Apple ][! If it used a Mac or IBM people would be all over it. Doesn't scare me! I've adopted a few trashed 8-bit computers (C64, Atari ST, SDK85) and I think they're far from passe, hacking with them is IMO probably the best way to learn about computer technology hands-on.

Anyway, I technically have less than no money to my name, but if I need to I can be so fiscally irresponsible to send $20-30 for shipping. I need either a ][+ with 80 card or an earlier ][e - not one of the last ones, and a floppy drive. I don't know whether I need a monitor or not, or if I can use a TV for output. I am in Connecticut, USA. And your neglected Apple would find a good home here! I have a few audio chips I could trade, but that's about all. Or since this would make you a patron of the arts, I could compose a piece of music for you, but I am not very skilled as of yet, just trying out lots of weird ideas.

Thank you!
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Reading through your post, I'

Reading through your post, I'm thinking to myself how great it would be to be in your position myself... the "starving artist" phase with blossoming creativity, the first steps toward the future as you now have a new house and chance to really get into your passion with music. I'm envious, as well, because I'm in the early early phases of learning to use computers for music... scouring documentation on old Tracker stuff, I've got an 88key midi keyboard on the way sometime this summer hopefully, etc. I'm sitting here reading your post and thinking to myself with a laugh "it'd be cool to have a friend like this and have the chance to maybe move in and learn a lot of this rubbish alongside them" I do have one, but he's skitzophrenic, and a burned-out pot head with no that's a no go.

The last thought going through my mind as I enter your final paragraph is "I doubt there's even anyone like this person around here" ...and then you say you're in Connecticut. Blew my mind there; I dunno where you are, but I'm stuck up in Torrington Blum 3

SOOO after that nonsensical, rambling reply... I unfortunately have no old Apple stuff to offer. I once had my hands on many old macs and a few Apple machines, but over time they have since been given better homes. I do wish you luck, though, on both finding the hardware you need and your music in general. I will keep my eyes peeled for some old Apple stuff, if nothing else... I've always had a knack for finding this crap, and since you're in the state, it wouldn't be conceivably difficult to get it to you.

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Thrift stores

I've been scouring thrift shops for years and have never seen any Apple ][ stuff. Nothing at all ! Lots of Macs and Mac stuff but never an Apple....

Here's a couple places to try to find freebies:

Hopefully there is something local in your area.

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