FS G4 Gigabit Dual cpu 500MHz, 256megs ram

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FS G4 Gigabit Dual cpu 500MHz, 256megs ram

A G4 Gigabit Dual cpu 500MHz, 256megs ram, 20gig Hard Drive, CD-RW Drive, Zip 100 Drive, ATI AGP video card with vga and DVI connectors and the two firewire, two usb and the ethernet port. This is a very good working G4 that I have been using. It works well has, no issues. It does have a little minor scuffing on the case but it is in very good condition overall. It has a NO DOA guarrentee. I've got way to many computers and I need to clear a few of them out.
This one is $150.00 shipped from 76086 (Tx) shipping via FedX ground........ I do paypal.

And while I'm at it. Four 1400 series powerbooks. 1. 166mhz with 60megs ram, 1. 133mhz with 40megs ram and two 117mhz machines. Ones working very well but has a dark strip about 1 1/2 inches wide on the lcd at start up and it dissappers when the desktop comes up. The other is working parts machine with no HD, lcd or memory other than the built in memory.
I'll take $15.00 each plus shipping or $50.00 for all plus shipping. All will power up and three have batterys that will charge up but I can't say how long they will last. They come with two working AC Adaptors. I will include a 1400 accessory kit that has the clear top and inserts for free if one person buys all 4 machines