Looking for info on a video card

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Looking for info on a video card

I was given a Power Mac 9600 this week, and inside it were two video cards - one was the standard Twin Turbo (of which I am familiar and fond of), the other was one I've never seen before. It has the standard old school mac video connector and an S-video connector on the outside, on the board are solder points for a standard vga connector. On the board is a chip labeled "CyberPro 2000 Integraphics C-TS-C21258 9724" with a copyright symbol followed by 96. On one of of the chips is a sticker reading "VP-PCI Version 1.6.0 Micro Converions, Inc" It's a standard PCI board, and I haven't messed with trying to work with it (the machine's hard drive was wiped so any drivers were long since gone).

Any help is appreciated.

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Micro Conversions (Cyberpro 2

Micro Conversions (Cyberpro 2000 chip, VP-2M-PCI, v.1.4) 2MB VRAM PCI video card. (Has S-video out.)
(from http://www.nomug.org/Y/Inventory.htm)

So, other than it's got 2MB Vram, I couldn't find any further info than what you've already figured out.

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[i]given[/i] a 9600.. GIVEN a

given a 9600.. GIVEN a 9600 ;_____; i'm hating myself more and more at every turn for the 85 bucks I just laid down -_-

Try to find a Radeon 7000 or something similar for a video card, it'll scream compared to the standard video card

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try wayback for some details

Try using the [url=http://web.archive.org/web/*/www.microconversions.com]wayback machine's recollection[/url]

Might even be some drivers in there somewhere . . .

dan k

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How much of that $85 was ship

How much of that $85 was shipping? The 6 slots Powermacs are rare, and the 9600 is much easier to work on then the 9500.

I recently snagged a free 8600/300 (was delivered to my door, no RAM or HD), same case.

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