WTB: S-Vid/RCA output for 54/55/64/6500 (focus enhancements?)

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WTB: S-Vid/RCA output for 54/55/64/6500 (focus enhancements?)

I'm trying to get my hands on this:

Does anyone have one? I've got the OTHER little adaptor that mirrors the onboard video to a second external mac monitor, but I'm trying to snag the one that lets me use a TV... Old Mac Milt has some adapter on his eBay store:
but I don't know if it's the same thing or not... I VAGUELY remember a teacher way back in 97 having the hardware to do tv video mirroring, and I do not recall it looking like the Focus Enhancements adapter on eBay, but I could be mistaken. Anyone have any input or have the hardware to get rid of/sell? :3