General iPod Video Questions

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General iPod Video Questions

My dad has brought over 2 80gb iPod videos from america. He plans to sell one on eBay UK, and sell the other to me. Now, he brought a black and a white one.

I love the black, but i know people with both colours and the white seems to show the effects of scratching a lot less than the black. I never use cases on my iPods, so i suppose if the scratching gets too unbearable, i could buy a replacement housing. Which colour should i get??

I also wouldnt mind if i did keep the black one, putting a white case on it, with the contrasting black clickwheel.

Next question, If i fill up the iPod with videos, do I have to keep the videos on my PowerMac's hard drive, as ive only got a 120gb HDD and i dont want to fill it up with videos!

Next question, which has probably been asked 10000000 times, but any personal reccomendations on which encoding software to use (PC+Mac)

Ive used b+w ipods in the past, so im looking forward to playing videos!


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As long as you don't tell iTu

As long as you don't tell iTunes to sync your videos with the ipod. If this is turned on, then whenever you delete a video from iTunes, the copy on the iPod will automatically get deleted to. Just manually copy the videos (drag) from iTunes to the iPod.

As for encoding software, the best I could suggest is QuickTime Pro, but there's probably an open-source alternative.

(PS it's nice to see that someone else on the ol' fritter is from the uk)

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isquint, yousquint

For encoding your videos for the iPod, try iSquint- it'll handle just about any kind of video you throw at it, and, its free!

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