Slackware 12 (kernel 2.6)

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Slackware 12 (kernel 2.6)

yesss... you are looking at the first 'fritter ever in the whole universe to install Slackware 12 (on a vm).
OK... sort of a dubious distinction.

I've been familiar with the word 'Slackware' for at least 10 years... that is, I've heard it. About, I don't know... just a week ago I think, I stumbled across the realization that it was a linux distro (I guess I just thought it was software... didn't really hit me). When I saw the announcement that v12 was released, it kind of sparked my interest. The oldest/original linux distrobution? One of the longest running OS's? If Tiger 10.4 is the 5th major release of OS X, then... Slackware 12... is 7 releases more mature than OS X!! I had to see it for myself.

chillin@strayslack-vm:~$ uname -a
Linux strayslack-vm #2 SMP Tue Jun 19 14:58:11 CDT 2007 i686 Genuine Intel(R) CPU 1500 @ 2.00GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux

right... the cli isn't much to look at, so I took the liberty of posting some screenshots of some of the wm's

All those listed in the login menu are auto installed. I'm not sure who's using MWM, FVWM, TWM... some strange folks or maybe its for anemic/old machines, but they're not much to see, and why BOTH fluxbox AND blackbox? And... hmm... something seems to be missing... hmm... hey! Where the heck is Gnome? All these extras by default, and no gnome... kinda conspicuously missing, but ok.

Worth mentioning... Firefox is the version, installed by default (I haven't been looking very long, but I've not seen a distro use a current version of firefox before this... probably just timing).

Anyway, I like what I see... Slackware 12... you will make an excellent addition to my flourishing virtual machine collection...
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Also, this is in Parallels on a MBP Core Duo. I just found out yesterday that VMWare Server is free. Gotta see what that's like soon... if it works really well in ubuntu, I'll be geeking out in no time.