FA: Microsoft Visio 2003, computer parts..ram, CPu, logic boards

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FA: Microsoft Visio 2003, computer parts..ram, CPu, logic boards

Listed a couple of things on ebay..... I figure I'll let Applefritter members get a chance at a great deal!

1. Microsoft Visio 2003 Upgrade.... this is sealed in the box... I bought this thinking I'd try designing some office stuff with it, but never got around to working on it. Rather than have it sit on a shelf, I figure I should let someone else make use of it.


No reserve!

2. I also have also been collecting older computer parts from machines that I have parted out. I have listed them all in a small lot... The box will include CPUs, Memory, Motherboards, and PCI cards. Some of the parts might work, but I don't have the time to test everything. Maybe you enjoy working with this type of stuf... I hear you can get some gold from it if you know how.... I do know that there is a working performa 6400 logic board that is in this lot... as well as some known good ethernet cards....

Thanks guys! Good luck if you decide to bid!