P-150e Serial Printer & G3 B&W

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P-150e Serial Printer & G3 B&W

Im near the end of my tether with this problem!

I have an ancient Olympus P-150e Dye Sub Printer - I love it to bits, but I havent been able to use it with my B&W G3 so far. I used to use it on a G3 mini tower, but thats been retired.

So to get around the non serial part of the B&W G3 I bought an ancient serial pci card (still sealed!) last year and only got around to installing it this summer.

Alas - no joy...

I swapped the serial cable over - no joy either.

Then I just recently bought a dirt cheap Belkin USB Serial adapter in the belief that this might work...well it works in so much as it crashes Photoshop!

Im given to thinking that the Belkin adapter never supported the printer anyway-so for the little money I spent I don't mind that.

I was wondering if anyone had any tips - ever used this printer (??) or would recommend using the altogether more expensive Keyspan USB adapter.

The printer will only run under OS9. One of the sole reasons I still have a dual boot Mac, and resurrecting the G3 mini tower is not an option!

One thing I've noticed is that the B&W doesn't have the ability to switch between printer/modem or ethernet in the Appletalk control panel. Could this be the problem?

If anyone needs any other info - please let me know.

Oh and there is actually a driver disk included with the pci serial card - but its for OS 7 (yep thats how old the card is - a Lightning PCI card made by Creative Solutions inc in 1997)...I no longer have a floppy disk so could I use a PC to copy the driver over and more importantly...would it work under 9 on a Power PC?