Mac SE bridge through a PC w/ win xp

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Mac SE bridge through a PC w/ win xp

Hi i am a 13 year old boy and i am interested in networking vintage macs. I was wandering if some one knows how i can bridge my mac se into my pc w/win xp home because i got 2 ethernet ports on the back of my hp pc a realtek and a 3com.
I was thinking i could take my mac se fdhd and use a DaynaPort SCSI ethernet thingy (DB25/Ethernet) and plug in the scsi side to my mac se and the ethernet side to my 3com ethernet card in my hp pc. And create a bridge network with the 3com and the realtek. I am hoping that i can bridge the connection so i canget internet on my mac se. please reply with direction on how to bridge,or if i cant bridge tell me.

Thanks in advance

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I had a similar question.

I had a similar curiosity to this. Those SCSI to Ethernet adapters are way too expensive. What I did was link my Macintosh Classic to to my Power Macintosh G3 AIO, from that to my PC. I got a small network running between them, but I'm trying to figure out how to get my Classic II to share internet. Do you have any other Macs? Ones you can link to the SE with printer\modem port?

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