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Hi everyone,

Im new to the forums and this site and hope that I can find a perfect trade for my PC.

A little background on myself. I've been a avid pc gamer and graphic designer for many years. I have updated and gone through pcs like candy. I've run many a windows update and scanned for viruses and malware and you know the drill. I've pretty much kept with pcs because of gaming. I work on a mac at work and do graphic design on both machines. I have not really seen a difference in quality on either when it comes to designing. Anyways I have recently purchased a used G4 12in iBook 1.3g with a gig of ram and super drive and Tiger loaded on it. I LOVE IT!!! Even though I use a Mac at work it never really dawned on me how awesome they are. So needless to say, I want another mac! preferably an iMac. I want to trade or sell the machine that I have now.

Here are the detailed specs of my PC:
OS: XP Home SP2
Proc: AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ 2.0GHz / 1MB Cache / 1000MHz (2000 MT/s) FSB / Manchester / Dual-Core / Socket 939 / Processor with Fan
RAM: 2GIGs - DDR 3200
Graphics: EVGA GeForce 8600 GTS Superclocked Video Card, 256MB GDDR3, PCI Express, SLI Ready, Dual DVI, HDTV, Video Card
Mobo: Mach Speed MSNV-939 Motherboard - Socket 939, ATX, Audio, PCI Express, 10/100 Ethernet LAN, USB 2.0, Serial ATA
Power Supply: Ultra / X-Connect / 400-Watt / ATX / Dual 80mm Fan / Titanium-Black / UV Clear Sides / Modular Power Supply
Hard Drive: SeaGate 160GIG IDE
Optical: 16X DVD Dual-Layer Burner (I have also recently purcased an HP 20X dual layer DVD Burner with LightScribe that I have not installed, but will include with this sale or trade).

I will post pics of this machine upon request.

Well I hope this will be successfull, Thanks in advance for your replies and or comments and advice.

Peace, seventy2