Nice Takky on eBay

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Nice Takky on eBay

Looks pretty swank...

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About a year ago that seller

About a year ago that seller had quite a business going. I saw at least 5 Takkys on eBay from them at one point. Looks like they're slowly getting back into it.

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IIRC that seller stopped afte

IIRC that seller stopped after what one of the involved parties characterized as a "stern talking-to" -- the originators of the Takky mod have always written that their plans are not to be used for commercial purposes.

I have no position on this issue; just providing a little history.


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I remember reading that too

I remember reading that too, the plans are not for manufacturing 'em. What I could see getting away with is if you built one and suddenly you're strapped for cash. In that case selling it is ok. It's that 'build one to sell it to build another etc. that's a "no-no."

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