Lots of L2 G3 500MHz cards

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Lots of L2 G3 500MHz cards

Here you go folks:

For those who don't mind some major hacking and fitting for your 5500/6500 based Power Color Classic this guy has 20(!) L2 G3 500MHz cards available for $69.95 each!

If I had some money I would try and make a deal on five or so for future use!


No connection to them, etc. just an interesting item.

I wonder if anyone will ever write a OS X driver for this thing? Couldn't be that hard :^)

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This guy ...

is Sonnet Technologies itself, quitting surplus stock. The L2 G3 cards are good, and I have three black 5500s running 400MHz processors. None of those cards cost anything like USD70, but the flush of availability on eBay and elsewhere was some eighteen mo. ago now. The cards come with 1MB or 512kB of onboard cache, so look at the type number (-1M-KIT- or -5-KIT-) before you buy, if that concerns you. I'm sure that the 500MHz cards would be good performers, but 10x is a hefty multiplier for such middle-era PCI Macs.


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