did anyone go shopping this morning?

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did anyone go shopping this morning?

i woke up at 3:30, left my house at 4:10, got to the store at 4:45 and waited in line till they opened the door at staples at 6:00. there were so many people that i just said no way am i waiting in another line just for the special they had on DDR2 ram. low and behold i go on newegg and they have some slammin deals today!

i drove by best buy where they appeared to have over 1000 people in a long line that formed around the back of the building. a similar site was seen at the circuit city. i cant believe how many people went out this morning, some of which were not in the best of moods either.

repost with your stories if you like

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I saw people camped out at Ci

I saw people camped out at Circuit City around 7 last night while I was driving home from my in-laws' place. The thermometer in the car read 20 degrees F.

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BND: Buy Nothing Day

No, I did not go shopping this morning.

Today, I am celebrating Buy Nothing Day! I won't be buying anything today. I am in a great mood because today I am free of the busyness of consumer spending. I am writing code and it's not costing me anything.

Cheers Wink

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I checked Craigslist this mor

I checked Craigslist this morning and by 8:30am someone had already posted the $229 Toshiba laptop deal from BB for $400...

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I bought four transistors. An

I bought four transistors. And groceries.
Sorry Acute

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My wife and I went to Kohl's about 11:00 AM to get a few things. A couple of presents, some slippers for her and a larger slow-cooker for us (the last batch of chili almost overflowed). While there was a long line inside, it progressed very quickly. After that we had lunch at Bojangle's and went back home.

I have not done Black Friday shopping before today. Would I do it again? Perhaps, but not anytime soon.

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