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Music CD Publishing!

My band has recently recorded a demo and we want to get a professional
package together to send to the usual potential clients. So we are
looking for someone who does professional, value for money CD
Duplication. We plan to publish around 1000 CDs with the relevant
details (Band Name, Song Titles and Contact Details) printed on the
CD. I have already done a Google search and got a few quotes from
there but there's nothing like hearing other people's experiences! So
if any of you have any recommendations or have come across such a
provider please do let me know of them. Thanks!

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I recommended a site called (spam link removed - eeun) which provides you good support on CD duplication. It has an experience of ten years in CD Replication with Jewel Cases, full color Surface Printing, booklets and front & rear inserts. I’m sure this site will make your day.

(A quick Google search using text from the first post reveals both above posts to be spammers. link to google search.)

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