Be Very Careful of Steve Landon

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Be Very Careful of Steve Landon

I want to inform the forum of a Low End Mac swaplist subscriber who is less than honest. His name is Steve Landon aka Harvey Johnson. He posted with the email His address is:

Steve Landon
507 Corunna Ave Apt 4
Owosso MI 48867

He posted to the LEM swap list on 9/19/2007 a Mac Plus and an Apple Personal LaserWriter. Both with the original boxes and packaging.

I have a complete mac plus with original packaging.. software, manuals
Includes a 30MB external SCSI Hard Drive
A Kensington SystemSaver with original packaging
A Apple Personal LaserWriter with original boxes manuals and software

Local Pickup is preferred due to the weight of it..

But Shipping Can Be arranged

The boxes are in fair condition

Harvey Johnson
Lansing MI 48906

He sent the post from the email address:

I responded that I wanted it and asked how much the shipping would be.

He responded:

Its looking like its going to be around 60 dollars to ship it

My Address is
Steve Landon- Hbirdman is my online id
507 Corunna Ave Apt 4
Owosso MI 4886 7

Notice the change in name and address. I didn't pick up on the change of address until later. I sent the $60USD Postal money order on 9/21/2007.

On 9/25/2007 he emailed me saying that it didn't arrive yet.

Weird it hasnt arrived yet..

I responded on 9/25/2007

I sent the money order 9/21 by regular mail

I then offered on 9/25/2007

David Braverman wrote:
> If you would like, I could send the money to you by
> paypal. When you receive the money order you can send
> it back to me.

He responded on 9/25/2007

No worries.. Ill wait for the M.O I dont use paypal since someone
hacked it and ran up 1000 dollars of ebay purchases on it..

On 10/1/2007 I asked

David Braverman wrote:
> Hi,
> Please let me know when you receive the money order.
> Thanks,
> David

On 10//1/2007 he responded:

I havent recieved anything yet.. Ill let you know

On 10/11/2007 I wrote:

David Braverman wrote:
> I mailed it to:
> Steve Landon
> 507 Corunna Ave Apt 4
> Owosso MI 48867
> --David

He responded:

I still havent recieved anything..

I began to become suspicious. I wrote:

David Braverman wrote:
> Steve,
> I am very surprised that you have not received it. I
> sent it by regular mail. It is possible that it has
> been lost. I will check with the post office to see
> if the postal money order has been cashed.
> David

He responded on 10/12/2007:

have a feeling I know what happened.. I have a neighbor that likes to

steal mail.. or just destroy whats in my box.. Ill check it out
and let you know

As I learned later, this was a lie. He cashed it on 10/1/2007.

I responded:

David Braverman wrote:
> Steve,
> I sympathize. Some years ago I was renting an
> apartment from someone. The landlord sometimes
> "forgot" to give me my mail. Once I realized that
> important mail, like bills that I needed to pay, were
> not reaching me, I set up a PO box. It helped
> tremendously.
> David

He answered on 10/13/2007

I'll see what I can find out on monday.. im installing a lockable
mailbox tomarrow. i just got an electric bill for my place for 903
dollars today because someone wasnt giving my bills.. I have an issue
with my crackhead neighbor downstairs she likes to just take my mail
use it for firestarter in the firepit outside..


I wrote:

David Braverman wrote:
> Hi,
> Were you able to find out anything? I stopped by a
> post office and found out that I could find out if the
> money order was cashed if I filled out some paperwork
> and paid a $5 fee.
> --David

He answered on 10/16/2007

Ill have an answer tomarrow.. seems my little neighbor has been
mail.. one of my other neighbors in the building had their power shut
off because she kept burning everyones mail.. So itll all be figured

I had enough. I went to the Post office and filed a postal money order inquiry.

David Braverman wrote:
> Steve,
> I filed a postal money order inquiry today with the
> post office. If the money order is not been cashed
> yet, the post office will send me a refund. If it has
> been cashed, the post office will send me pictures of
> the money order.
> Thank you.
> David Braverman

He answered on 11/7/007

I got it today finally and got it cashed.. Just so you know but 60
isnt going to cover the shipping on this beast.. if you want ill refund

the 60 bucks to you

He says he just "got" it cashed. The money order was deposited on 10/1/2007 according to the inquiry. I received the result from the inquiry today 11/24/2007. It includes a scan of he back of the money order. A bank in Cleveland Ohio timestamped it on 10/1/2007.

Please ban Steve Landon, aka Harvey with an email address
of I did a search on Applefritter for "Steve Landon." I came up with multiple threads. Many people have been scammed by him. I do not wish anyone else to be scammed. Any suggestions anyone can make, please do. I would be happy to mail to anyone interested a photocopy of the money order inquiry.

Thank you.

David Braverman
Flushing, NY 11367

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Yeah, this guy is a known sca

Yeah, this guy is a known scammer. There are threads about him here (or on 68kmla, I forget which) dating back a few years.

So sorry to hear you got ripped by him, David.


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Get the word out

Is there a place where a list of these people can be maintained? I only discovered the applefritter threads talking about him after I realized things weren't right. If there can be a maintained list, we can check the list before entering into a deal. That's how these guys can be stopped and no more pople will be hurt.


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