Clearing out the attic, pile o stuff on ebay

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Clearing out the attic, pile o stuff on ebay

I can't move up in my attic and am posting as much of my Apple / Mac stuff on ebay as I can over the next couple of weeks. I have been collecting for quite a while and have discarded most of the broken and seconds. What's left is mostly in very good condition and includes M68K systems, legacy peripheral drives and 80-90's advertising brochures including an Apple reference guide to products from 1982.

The most interesting item (I think) is the internet ready IIci, the promo brochures are all ok but the Apple reference guide from '82 seems the best for you apple guys and gals. the external Apple drives (mainly the ext HD) seem to be getting the most interest. rarest would be the tape drive, haven't seen to many of those.

My ebay user name is hectoro_grande click here for a overview < >
here is a list of what is gone up so far:

Mac Plus - won't boot. suitable for Macquarium
Apple Mac IIvx, Ethernet, 20Mb RAM - Very Good Cond NR
Apple Centris 650, OS8, 104Mb RAM - Exc Condition
Macintosh SE with superdrive and carry bag Great Cond
Mac LC System with Monitor and Carry Bag NR
Macintosh IIsi - Network, Very Good Condition, NR
Color Classic - as is case, runs great w/ opt. FPU NR
Apple External CD-ROM Drive SCSI 300e Plus very good
Apple External Hard Drive 20SC - Near Mint to Excellent
Apple External CD-ROM Drive SCSI Caddy Style
Apple External Tape Back Up 40SC - asis bad drive wheel
Apple External Hard Drive SCSI - Excellent Condition NR
Macintosh Product Manual dated 1983 - 160 pages color
Apple Promotion 1986 - 20 pages Exc. Condition
Apple Promotion 1984 - 16 pages Very Good Condition

Also starting on Thursday Dec 6th, 2007 is the following:

Apple II Promotion 1984 - 8 pages Very Good Condition
Apple Promotion 1987 - 16 pages Excellent Condition
Apple Promotion 1990 11x17 - 16 pg Very Good Condition
Apple Promotion 1982 - 98 pgs Very Good Condition NR
Apple Promotion 1980 - 12 pg Mint Condition NR
Apple Work Group Server 60 Very Clean, runs great
Macintosh IIci - Internet ready, very good condition NR

I'll get to the pile o laptops and IIgs's as soon as I can. Software I am keeping for now to trade.