The Macintosh Portable

Took delivery of a skidload of apple stuff just before xmas as i knew i would have some time then. Fixed up the imacs and B & W's to dispose off and broke up most of the other stuff into the parts bins. Did get some nice old bits, including some machines i have not owned before like an 8550 (appleshare file server) an 8500 MP, a 5300 and two 3400 powerbooks, which should prove interesting. Also some G3 400 cpus so the beige G3 and the all in one G3 can get a speed boost. Quite liking the AIO machine.

At the bottom of the pile was a macintosh portable in pieces but once i put all the plastic parts back together it looks complete.

There are two batteries and two power supplies and even the odd HD connector along with a circuit board from a hard disk. The portable was a 16 lb machine that used a conner 40 mb hard drive. In the old drive box i found 3 conner drives of a similar type. Switching a formatted 6.02 drive onto the circuit board might do the trick.

However, I also seem to recall the machine cannot power up on AC if the battery is run down. This poses a problem. How to recharge the battery when the AC cannot power up to recharge.

Best find the service manuals first and do some research before touching this baby...


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My portable finally came to life by using the 24W supply made for the 165c era PBs. The Portable was not made to run soley from the powersupply so it needs more juice to boot up than the original one provided.

Great - i probably have some of those in the big box o power supplies. What was the model number of the ps? - gord

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It since been moved to storage so I don't know off hand, but I do know it says "24W" on the plug that goes to the PB. IIRC it also has an output of 3.0A, while the other PB supplies were something like 2.3A and the Portable had 2.0A or so.

EDIT: I just found that it's likely M5652 as shown at the end of this page.