Mac LC III won't boot into system 7

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Mac LC III won't boot into system 7

My Mac LC III powers up then, when it starts to boot, I see the happy mac dude on the screen, then it dissapears. Then it shows a floppy disk with a question mark blinking inside of it... What went wrong and how do I fix it, my motherboard battery is dead and I still need to get a new one, so would that be the problem?

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Do you have . . .


Do you have a boot floppy? The problem -- more likely than not -- is with the system software or the hard drive. So, boot from the floppy and see if the hard drive is accessible. If you don't have a boot floppy, you can down load one from Jag's house.


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The [url=

The 7.5NAD (Network Access Disk) is very handy to have as a 68k test boot disk. (via

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