Apple IIgs

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Apple IIgs

Apple IIGS complete computer system
5.25 disk drive
3.50 disk drive
External hard drive (high speed SCSI card)
Imagewriter II printer
Unused black/color ribbons
Some used ribbons
IIgs owners guide
IIgs systems disk and guide
Imagewriter owner manual
All chords and connections.
Loads of software including: printshop, games,
I have two cases of software that include copy II plus, etc.

We are remodeling and it is taking up space. We used it until 2004 to keep tax
records, checkbooks, addresses, school, etc. until we transferred things over to
out Macs. Unfortunately, it DOES NOT allow you to go on the internet.

I recently saw a system that did not include a printer or software sell on Ebay for $202.00. I would like to get something out of this one.
Contact me by email if REALLY interested.

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How much are you asking for it?

If you could pm with price I would really appreciate it


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