The new "Mac" – 13.6" H X 9.6" W, with a 9" LED touchscreen, wireless keyboard (no arrows & no keypad, like God intended), wireless mouse and a fixed 1.28GB RAM (cannot be expanded, like Jobs intended).



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This actually looks like a plausible product offering. This isn't real, right? Blum 3

The black bezel surrounding the screen looks pretty awful, though. I think it would look better without it.

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It does look like it could be a real product, but it'd have to be widescreen to be in keeping with the latest offerings. Also, I could do without the keypad (I normally use a PowerBook) but don't take my arrow keys away! To really save space you could pluck the keyboard and trackpad from a MacBook Pro & stick it in a wireless enclosure, and eliminate the mouse too (or give people the option of going without.)