Need A MacBottom Serial Driver for 128K/512K

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Need A MacBottom Serial Driver for 128K/512K

So I just picked up this MacBottom serial hard drive for the 128K/512K. It's a pretty cool thing, but nearly useless without a driver. Anybody got any idea where I might find one? Otherwise, could I use some other generic drive formatting software from the era that looks for drives on the serial port, where Apple told developers to implement hard drive interfaces?

This MacBottom oddly has a 20MB MiniScribe drive (model 8425) from 1987 in it. Not sure if it is a replacement or MacBottom was still making serial drives for the 512K. Either way it's a loud mother! It has a serial pass-through port which is also supposed to provide printer spooling with the proper software. The most amazing thing is it has NO power switch, it is designed to come on automatically when the Mac turns on. And it does all of this perfectly well. However, a standard boot disk will not mount it via normal startup (which is to be expected). Wouldn't it be ironic if the driver I need is already on the disk itself!

So, anybody got any ideas how I can access this ancient beast? Thanks!