FS: 1.1.1 jailbroken iPhone, gamers wet dream

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FS: 1.1.1 jailbroken iPhone, gamers wet dream

I'll probably be selling my excellent condition 8GB iPhone (1.0.2 OTB) on eBay in a week or so. But I despise eBay. I thought I'd give my Applefritter buds first crack at it.

Generally speaking, this hacked phone is for non-hackers, as hackers could set this up themselves.

I'm running 6 gaming emulators on it, works very well.

PM me for links (I'll be uploading demos to a video site).

I can unlock the phone for use with any carrier. Just take the SIM from your current cell phone, drop in this one... and you're good to go.

No good deals here (if you've been paying attention to the prices they go for on eBay, I can't afford to devalue this)... but I won't fleece you. If you are not a hacker but want a hacked iPhone (lets face it, its very nearly a handheld Mac), or if you are and just don't have the time, this is the iPhone for you. Best offer over $420 gets it and a gophone pay as you go SIM.