What transformer do I need to use an original US Apple II in the UK

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What transformer do I need to use an original US Apple II in the UK

I realise I need a 220V (US) to 110V (UK) step down transformer. The questions I have are:

- what wattage do I need?
- does the frequency matter?
- I assume the transformer will need to be grounded - true?

If it matter the Apple in question has a silver power supply (as opposed to the later gold versions). Any other things I need to know about?

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I'd use either Optimus Prime, Soundwave or Bumbleebee.

There are those that will tell you that Gen2 transformers will do the trick (Blurr-Kupp or even Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime)but they just don't do it as well due to the inferior quality of build. Don't get me started about Ultra Magnus!!!

You'll need a UK to US adapter, probably easily found in an electronics store. I much prefer the UK transformers, though...The IDW comics based on that storyline were great.

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Perhaps backfitting a switching power supply would be better...

I don't have my Apple II reference guide, but I thought the Apple IIe had a selectable power supply from 120V/60 Hz (US) to 220/50 Hz? (UK). But there may be a better way

Switching Power supplies are getting so cheap now, not to mention smaller, perhaps ordering one from a local electronics outfit would be the better option. 0-5VDC and -12 VDC is all you need (I think).

In any case I would imagine it would be cleaner than using the original power supply with a step up transformer.

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