Apple ][+ problems

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Apple ][+ problems

Yesterday, i recieved 3 apple II+
One works pretty well buy I have an "Expandaram" card that wont work with it.
The second one just boots to a screen that's just one solid blank color.
The last one was working for awhile, I was using it and went to wiggle disconnect a cable on the inside, my hand slipped and hit one of the cards, knocking it out of a slot, no the computer shows just 4 bars on the screen. I don't know what i killed on the motherboard, but i hear that pretty much every chip is still available except the roms.

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Start by pulling all extra st

Start by pulling all extra stuff out of the failing machines. Then, pull and reseat all the chips. See how things work then. The one that got the card pulled while hot might have a chip or transistor that needs replacement. That's a task to take up next...

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