FS: Asante Mini EN/SC SCSI-Ethernet adapter

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FS: Asante Mini EN/SC SCSI-Ethernet adapter

Asante Mini EN/SC. Uses an AC adapter to draw power from.
It has a DB-25 SCSI connector, so you can connect it to your early desktop Macs.
An HDI-30 to DB-25 cable is included, so you can use this one with your
early PowerBooks as well (but it still has to draw power from the AC

The adapter has both a BNC and a TP Ethernet connector. With these older SCSI/Ethernet
adapters, you have to connect to a hub with a 10Mbps port - it will
not properly connect with the 10/100Mbps switching ports -- I believe
this has to do with the adapter being unable to determine which of the
ports (BNC or TP) to use when connected to a faster hub.

I tested this with a PowerBook 180 running System 7.6 connected to a cheap NetGear EN104
hub, which, in turn, connects to my regular network hub. TCP/IP and
DHCP works and with Netscape Navigator, you can browse the net.

Selling for $25+shipping.

Pictures of the items and screenshots are available at:
There are also some other LowEndMac stuff there that you may be
interested in.

PayPal preferred. Shipping USPS Priority from Hillsboro, OR 97124