Applesoft on the replica 1 (Apple 1 possible)

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Applesoft on the replica 1 (Apple 1 possible)

Well, thanks to Tom Greene (AKA cowgod), Applesoft has been ported and tested for the replica 1. It resides in the area E000-FEFF in EPROM which is occupied by Integer BASIC and Krusader (on later replica 1 models). Simply replacing the current EPROM on your replica 1 gives you Applesoft! The graphic commands were removed but LOAD & SAVE commands were added to store programs in the CFFA1 optional board. MENU was also added to allow the user to go into the CFFA1 board menu to do other functions. This does not mean the replica 1 will change, Integer BASIC is the default BASIC but this is a very nice option to have. One the code is release it is possible to make a EPROM card with Applesoft onboard for the Apple 1 or clones.

Here's Tom's page with the writeup:

And here's my forum about the idea and how it came to be:

Fun stuff!