Dimensions of Apple II case

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Dimensions of Apple II case

What are the approx dimensions of an Apple II case.
Overall length and width as well as for the area for the monitor to sit on (case cover region)
Also what is the approx footprint of the Disk ][ drive?

Need this in order to find an area in the house to settle the computer as well as choose a standalone CRT monitor.
I like the way the old 9'' monitors used to sit on the Apple with enough room for a floppy drive on the side.
Good space efficiency!


Arun (eagerly awaiting my new old Apple ][)

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Roughly 18" deep, 15" wide, a

Roughly 18" deep, 15" wide, and 5" high. The monitor area is about 9" deep by 12" wide. I stack the two Disk II drives on top of the case and then the Monitor III on top of the drives. Each drive is about 9"D by 6"W by 4" H.

The monitor sticks out a bit in the back and sides.

My total footprint is about 20"D, 17" W, and 19" H.

You can play around with the drive placement which you would need to do if you have only a single drive. I would put it on the side vertically.


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Dimensions of Apple II plus original box

Does anyone have box dimensions (length, width, height) for an original apple ii plus computer box? I am looking to re-create the original box and packaging. Does anyone have any pictures showing how the packaging went together for this original computer?

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whynotpizza wrote:Does anyone
whynotpizza wrote:

Does anyone have box dimensions (length, width, height) for an original apple ii plus computer box?

There is just the original box of my US Apple IIe from 1983. If interested I can take some pics.





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1983 IIe more precise dimensions w/caveats

IIe External Dimensions:Case Size (Inches): 4.3125"H (with standard rubber feet) x 15.0625"W x (18.25"D including lid tabs, 20.0"D w/power cable plugged in). Weight (Pounds): 11.5.


Width (Inches) with Kensington System Saver - power sockets/fan 17.53125" W


Disk II Dimensions:6.125" W x 3.8125" H x 8.625" D, 10.0" D needed for flat ribbon cable exit3.625"H (no rubber feet) 3.8125"H (with standard rubber feet)

2 Drive Stacked Height:7.5625"


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