kind of a boring day, really

It rained. I like the rain, I don't really know why, but I like it. The whole blanket of sullenness sometimes makes us appreciate ones inner self, more than thier immediate surroundings. The rain is also just cool. I never had a problem with getting wet, so I'm in the lucky position of not minding walking in the rain. Sadly, the mood generally associated with rain is gloominess, which is more or less an atmosphere I can immerse myself in if I want to, but for some reason, rainy days are really not that depressing. Little depresses me these days, which is nice, because it sucks not liking things.

School, as usual was uneventfull. I missed track for a doctor's appointment. Blah blah, why would this trivial shit about my life interest anybody at all? I'm bothered by the fact that I seem to be removed of all meaningful anecdotes and intellectual writing capacity whenever I sit down to write in this thing. Perhaps I should be smarter, or think about things that will interest people.

Spring break approaches, and with it much joyness. This last week is going to go well, I'm watching movies in 2 of my classes. Dear god, I'm amazed that I can even sit down and shit out this bland account of my life. I used to appreciate my writings, now I feel that I'm doing them only for the sake of doing them.

For some reason, apparently, people want me to go to this "prom" thing. I'm only a bloody sophmore, and I have no interest in going, even to those in my junior or senior years. I'm really not a dancing person, well a slow dancer anyways, and I don't really spend a lot of time with most of the members of my class (and with those that I do, I can have fun without going to some stupid dance). Then there's the subject of getting a date. I'm not a dating person, and I don't really know anybody I'd want to go to the prom with "as a friend". Most of the girls I know who are my friends are already taken by some other lad, thus making it awkward for me to take one of them to the prom. It just seems silly to me. I figured that I'd go bowling instead, which is far cooler then some silly dance. They'd probably play rap and shitty music like that. If I knew there was something there like a buffet, I may very well just have to go. But it's not a big deal.

I'm going to have to stop writing such fucking long entries. Maybe I'll just do a whole week of haikus.