iBook G3 700mhz won't start up.

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iBook G3 700mhz won't start up.

Good morning,

Here is my problem in as much detail as I have at the moment:

The problem started when I was in textedit (the only app running) and it started to freeze when I attempted to open a new application. I barely got it to unfreeze (by force quitting and such) so I could save my work and restart. My ibook never started up again (which was last week).

I have tried:

Booting in safemode (holding down shift at the start) which doesn't work

I zapped the pram (holding down cmd-ctrl-p-r) which I have tried again and no longer works

I cannot boot from an os x cd only from an os 9 cd (holding c at startup) and it does not see my hard-drive when I try to use the disk repair.

I can hold down option and I get the disk select screen, but I still cannot boot from a os x cd. (The discs I have tried is a retail Tiger dvd, I have a combo drive, and the 10.2 cd that came with my ibook)

I do not get a question mark or a sad mac icon when I start up normally, it is just a grey screen sometimes with the apple logo but most times not. When I attempt to start from an os x cd or dvd I get the apple logo with the spinning loading screen but that is as far as it goes, I have left it "loading" for hours and it goes no where.

I am wondering if it is a problem with the hard drive or the logic board. Is there a way I could disconnect the hard drive and still load from a cd? (if so how?) Is there a test I could do to find out what exactly went wrong? Is there something else I can try?

The only other detail I think might be worth mentioning is that previously to this I had the ibook on over several nights on sleep mode on my desk. It didn't seem to get over heated or have any problems running the next morning until this happened.

Any help would be appreciated. Feel free to ask more questions if that helps.


Tabby B

iBook Dual usb 700mhz Combo drive Mac OS X (10.4.11) I think it is running 10.4.11, it is running tiger but not sure if it is the highest version.