I like not having homework.

Actually, I probably do have homework, but as you can see, I'm not doing it. Tomorrow I'm up at 5:30 for Skahool, and afterschool I'm going to have to endure a track meet untill like 6ish. That kind of sucks. I'm not sure why exactly I'm in track, because I really don't do anything, except something involving a belt.

It rained again today. Yasin and I lurked after track. I came home, and played an awful lot of Civ II. My life is a boring pit of nonchalance, and I'm willing to bet $$ that I spelled that wrong. What exactley does constitute an exciting day? Do I do something special? Do I eat something interesting? Maybe we all lead interesting lives, but are too jaded by everyday experience to notice it. Or, maybe we're all just bland people, consigned to a lifetime sentence of normality. Normality, like evrything, I suppose, is relative. What's normal to one person is wildly exciting to tohers. Maybe I'm really interesting to someone else. I'm pretty dull to me. Or, maybe I really think I'm exciting, but I don't know it. These are the ravings of a sleepy mind. I don't feel like thinking any more for a long time. Maybe I'll go play Rubicon or Civ II. Having an assy old Mac running OS 9 means you don't get a lot of top-noch games. I really need a G4 or something.


**Song of the moment: "Atomic Garden" by Bad Religion**