Trying to tract down an Apple-1 owner

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Trying to tract down an Apple-1 owner

I'm working on mounting a Obtronix Apple 1 reproduction of mine, hoping to put in up on ebay in the next week (as a reproduction!).

Last year I came across the Apple Syndrome site:

On that page there's links to various Apple product lines, with lots of information. Back in '07 the Apple 1 link was valid, but now is broken. Following that link led to pages with many photos of a legit Apple 1. Though the site is in Japanese, I gather (using babelfish) that the site owner is not the Apple 1 owner. I tried several times to contact the site owner in order to contact the Apple 1 owner.

Why? In the photos of the monitor attached to the Apple 1, I recognized a video problem that I ran into when I built my repro Apple 1. It's an array of small dots across the entire monitor screen. I wanted to contact the owner to provide my bit of insight on the problem.

Does anyone know the Japanese owner(s) of Apple 1(s)? At one time I only had the last name of an owner who had two Apple 1's. Could it be him? Does anyone have photos of a Japanese owner with his Apple 1? As I said the web link was broken and I've tried in vain Google cache and the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine (

Scott Austin