iMac G3 Summer 2001 mod/overclock questions

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iMac G3 Summer 2001 mod/overclock questions


I'm trying to find information so I can overclock my 600Mhz G3 processor. My iMac is a Summer 2001 slot loading model.

I seem to be running into webpage after webpage - explaining soldering and whatnot for the older sub-400mhz computers - but not mine. Does my model have an I/O switch block (I can just flip switches to clock the processor) or is soldering still required? If soldering is still required, I will need to find someone who can do that for me.

I want to try to aim for the max. possible clock of 1Ghz (I will need to mount a good fan onto the processor).

There used to be a site somewhere - that listed all the possible clock settings for all iMac revisions - from the first, all the way up to the one I have (and it even had a resistor table for every one) - as well as the how-to directions for each mod... It's got to be buried somewhere in the internets - but I cannot find it. Can someone point me to links if they happen to stumble upon it?

Additionally, I'm wanting to put the logic board into a custom made ATX case. I am hoping to find someone who'll make a mac-mini-ish case. Since my mac doesn't have a DVD drive, it would be nice to have a slot loading DVDRW drive in place of the current CDRW. Additionally, I wish to replace the current hard drive with a 7200rpm 750GB hard drive. (I'll use software to make mac see more than 128GB). I'm going large on the HDD simply because I don't like having a lot of external hardware attached to any computers (and anything else is wireless usb/bluetooth anyhow). The case will likely be built to 'just barely' hug the internal components - meaning everything's going to be tight - but I want decent airflow. The case will have a couple silent 120mm fans (one in, one out). Power supply would have to be small (something similar that's used in an HP Slimline, for example).

So last question of the day: Is there anyone willing/talented around to make me an iMacMini ATX case? Or would someone know someone who could do it?