Personal Information

Hi, I dare say many of you people out there would have heard the name, at least once a year, if not due to my research in the Version B imac GLOD resolutions, thankfully now history.

Many of your probably want to know what 's occuring, well, I am still Apple nuts, and still run a faithfull old G3 on OS 9.

I am trying to hook up a Motorola L6 to the mac, have had some success in this aspect, details of how to do on I am trying to find a p2k solution for Motorola, and in desperation am speaking to the Motley fools themselves, because they made the phone, and need support for development, and I can't do this, if my mac can't talk to my phone. I know there is a java ide thing out there, I saw it long ago but never leeched it because I never owned a Mot, now I do, I have a legitimate right to have it for dev: that is if I can find it, which I can't!.

I have also been involved with the finding a hardware solution to MP3 Players access on Copland, again,

I have perfected several scripts for academic indexing, with Nisus writer, for System 9.

Two games appear on my Lambspam, and Solitaire.

I have perfected a bug fix sript for Nisus Open Doc, which can be found on the Classic Nisus support pages if still there or you may post me and I will email you back with it.

Really I am looking for a good old Copland repository, that will just be there, forever, life like info-mac academic, uni mit, imperial college or dartmouth.

I have written some really, wicked tunes using Antonine Rossets' Player Pro, you will know the author by my style of chimes. Antoines' PP is tops for sequencing, I bought the Commercial version. It is much better than Reason, which is too much of the pluging about, and not enough of the composition.

The worst tune I wrote was in jest against a literally terrible phone company was the, O' Come all yea faithfull ringtone! Yep they sucked! Kind a polite, don't you think! Then there was the four horsemen of the appocolapse, that got me into trouble as well! It was based upon the Sony BVH1100, yea I knew a pain in rump lifting that coffin upstairs! My osteopath loves me still!

I swim, and I do love a gala of Apple's!

I am definately not a fan of Apple's X operating systems. There are thousands of downloads available for it, which kind of say's Apple can't give it away. I'll stick with the System 9, and it will do the job well, I won't need intel, I have a brain that does that job.

David Christmass