G3 PDQ Expansion bay ports failing?

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G3 PDQ Expansion bay ports failing?

Hi I'm new as a registered user here, so I hope I have this post located in the correct place. I have a G3 PDQ that I have completely upgraded as much as I could. Sonnet G3 500 MHz processor Upgrade, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB HDD's. Mac OS X 10.4.11, (courtesy of XPostFacto 4.0). Two of these HDDs are inside of MCE Exbay expansion bay Modules, (Excaret Expansion bay). It is with these MCE Exbay expansion bay Modules that I have first encountered a problem.

At first I encountered messages from TechTool Pro 4 saying that I had Bitmap Mismatch errors, then String mismatch errors, then overlapped files! Then I started getting Partition wrapper damage. Even the entire volume disappears from the desktop. DiskWarrior was used repeatedly to do what it could to repair the damage, but folders were empty & files corrupted etc.

I noticed that these problems seemed to only be happening to whatever Excaret Expansion bay module happened to be in the left expansion bay.
I have tried dismantling my PDQ and even cleaning the connection ports of the logic board where the Excaret Expansion bay modules connect with no improvement.

What also makes me think it may be the logic board failing is that if I dismount and eject a troubled EXBAY HDD before too much damage has occurred and insert it into the right expansion bay then often the formerly 'disappeared' files & folders are still there after all. The strange thing is that every hardware diagnostic, (TechTool Pro etc.) I have run on a HDD inserted into the Left expansion bay has come through with no problems found at all.

I strongly suspect that the left connection port on the Logic board either has a poor connection or is failing for some hardware related reason.

Any suggestions would help.