As Usual

As usual, I had an interesting day. I finished Fight Club, which was a bloody good book (no pun intended), and I began working on the little 7x7 foot cabin out in my little spot in the woods. I'd like to do it completley by natural means, maybe with a little help from an electric drill here and there. It should look nice, where I have it positioned and all.

I somehow ended up at The Keep with David and Kerry, and I watched them play warhammer and I drank Yoo-Hoo. It is my most favorite vice, the rich chocolatey Yoo of Hoo. Then we went to GrahmKrackahz house and watched Kill Bill Vol. I. Wow, what a strange movie.

Anywho, I have nothing else to report. I suppose I'm being stupid by not writing more, but a good friends profile reminded my that the wise speak little. Damn them wise folks, never speaking. I suppose I really don't know anythinga t all, because I talk way too much. Oh well, as long as I'm not hurting anybody or myself, what does it matter that I know nothing. That's all I know, after all...