FS IBM Thinkpad

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FS IBM Thinkpad

I've got an IBM Thinkpad Model 600 that needs a new home. This is a very nice Thinkpad its got a good LCD (13.1") no dead pixels or discoloration. The machine has XP Pro on it and it comes with the AC Adaptor and a D-Link wireless card and an SMC EZ networking card for plugging in your ethernet line. its got a 20gig HD, 168megs ram, CD Drive and a 1.44 floppy that you can exchange with the optical drive The Machine is in overall very good condition. However the Battery is quite dead and needs replacement.

The computer will give a couple of error codes due to the dead battery unless you plug in the AC Adaptor and leave it plugged in for aprox 4 or 5 mins before booting up the machine. I have used this computer and it works with out issues other than the stated error codes and they indcate a bad or dead battery. This info is from IBMs website. $50.00 plus $10.00 for Shipping via USPS priority shipping. I do paypal.