The Mac Files

So I finally got my hands on a POM1 emulator Smile *dances* Thanks to david__schmidt, he sent me a link of a working emulator. So I downloaded the file and it happened to be a Win32. Never fear, my Macbook comes fully equipped with Parallels Desktop, virtually running Ubuntu and Windows Vista (P.s. My Macbook boots Vista faster than my PC and the irony is that my PC has a faster processor) Blum 3

My first operating system was MS DOS and I learnt how to use it at the age of 4 using a book called Learn DOS in a Day. Of course it took about 2 to 3 days if I remember correct but I learnt most of the basic functions and didn't have to run to mum or dad to get my games running. Now as soon as the Apple I screen flashed in front of my eyes within the emulator I froze in horror. This terminal was nothing like I have ever used. It was green like a martian and behaved like a martian too (no very friendly), but I guess it was to be expected. I mean this was the late 70s and it was the start of how my shiny Macbook came to be, one step at a time Smile Now a few tasks to do. I will have to get familiar with the interface and commands before I start building the replica.

Current Issues:
On modern compilers you press return (enter) to go to the next line but makes me wonder how you do that on an Apple I since return (enter) is the execution key as well :S Point to ponder?