booting dell lat xpi cd mmx 166

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booting dell lat xpi cd mmx 166

Hey all, does any one know how to get an xpi cd mmx to boot from the cd. I've got an os problem and would like to switch from win 98 to 2k pro.

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98 on laptop

I just got finished putting a new 6Gb hard drive in an old laptop running intel mmx 233Mhz. The bios would not let me boot from the built in CD. It was either A: or C:, and since the hard drive was blank, I had to make a Win 98 recovery disk for it to even see the built in CD.
So, if I was going to put Win 2k Pro on it, I would first make a recovery 3.5" disk. Good luck.

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just stick with windows 98 fo

just stick with windows 98 for such an old machine. just install the unofficial win 98 service pack and the usb mass storage driver (nusb.exe) makes a great little system, for an MS based OS.

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The is a floppy solution that

The is a floppy solution that will boot from a CD or other device on older machines, and it will also install to the boot blocks of the drive so you can swap out the floppy module for a CD module if your machine needs that.

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