FS: lots of random 68k & PPC hardware, other peripherals, sw

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FS: lots of random 68k & PPC hardware, other peripherals, sw

I have more junk to get rid of, if it's not out of here by the middle of october, its goin in the trash

No specific order, so make sure your skimming skills are good:

SCSI II Jazz 1GB external drive
2x SCSI I Zip100 External drives
AppleDesign Keyboard
Kensington System Saver Silver Surge Strip
Apple II/68k Mac Microphone in box (the little round mic)
PowerMac 7500/100 w either a 233 or 266mhz G3 upgrade. it's not a Sonnet card, and it has switches. I know I had it working when I toyed with the machine a while back. I can probably dig up the software for it.
Express Fax Modem kit complete in box. I believe it's a Comm-Slot I card
External 44mb Syquest drive
PowerMac 8100/80, bare, CD drive, some vram sticks on the videocard. Case is a little hacked up internally, and there are two holes in the front panel because i had RCA left and right audio jacks in it at one point
350mhz iMac motherboard & little attached analog board. Bare (not chips)
9 serial cables, 4 of them apple branded
3 serial to DB-25 cables, 1 Apple branded
5 ADB cables, 1 short plug, the other 4 are long plug
1 DB15 apple monitor cable
4 black power cables
7 grey power cables
3 apple branded 90 degree power cables
Kensington TurboMouse Trackball; ADB, 2 buttons, programmable with the Kensington software (can make one button a Control+click for "right click" in os 9)
10 ADB mice- 4 are model 2 (round) 3 with the lightweight black ball, and one new in the box with the heavier weighted grey ball. 6 are model 1 (blocky angled), 3 of which have the lightweight black ball, and the other 3 are the heavier weighted grey ball (one of which is missing a ball). Some are cleaner/dirtier than others, and some have grody or missing teflon pads
1 pair "HandControllers" paddles for Apple IIe and IIc
Powermac 5400/180, some ram, a hard drive, cd drive. I know it boots, but I don't remember the specs.
Performa 6400/200, bare mobo, no cd/hd
LCIII 16mb simm w/ hard drive, boots 7.1 and non-passworded At Ease v1.0 -NO VRAM SIMM-
LC475 TOTALLY bare, no hd, ram, vram, or power supply
Powermac 5500/6500 motherboard, 225mhz 603e, bare
Performa 550 motherboard, 1vram simm (not sure what size), maybe an 8mb ram stick
Color Classic motherboard, bare
G3 All-In-One "personality card" (non a/v wings card)
Etherwave (Farallon computing) PDS ethernet card with dasiy-chain capability
LC580 motherboard, completely bare, no CPU even
Boxed Apple serial cable part number 942-1109-A
Apple IIc replacement keycaps for use with Quicken software

some books, old Norton Utilities software and a couple other things are kicking around too. I tried to get rid of them in the past, and posted info online:


note, these items are no longer available: Apple Personal Modem 300/1200, and either or both the IIsi and LC reference kits... I just stacked all this stuff in the garage after I got milkwarm response to it. If there';s something there you're looking for, ask and I'll go see if I've still got it.

Please also see my other post about some older software I'm trying to get rid of:

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oops, forgot some info:

Shipping info: Everything would be shipped from US Zipcode 06790. Smaller items I can package myself and find the cheapest shipping option; larger items like the 6400, 5400, 7500, etc would be brought to the local UPS store so they can safely pack it for shipping because I no longer have the time or resources to devote to packing larger items like these.

If you want specific items pieced out of certain systems, i'm willing to do that for you.

Prices: make me an offer. I'm not trying to make a fortune, I'm just trying to make a couple bucks and would like to see this stuff have a chance to go to someone who wants it and can use it. I'm not expecting like fourty bucks or something ridiculous for the larger stuff, it's just not worth that anymore plus shipping will be pretty high to beginwith since they're kinda heavy.

You can contact me through PM, I dont know why I said not to in my other thread. YOu can also reach me here:
email: spilskinanke2097(at)yahoo.com
aim: AG Wolf 2097
X-Box Live: AG Wolf 2097XL

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