Email on the Newton

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Email on the Newton

I'm having some problems using email on my Message Pad 2000. I have tried a few different Mail apps, and two different POP/SMTP email accounts and still can't get my email to send. Using Eudora 1.1 on the Newton and AOL I am able to check for emails, but I can't send any through the SMTP server. It gets hung up when trying to access the server. I also tried using MailV and when sending, I get an error message saying my message is an "invalid length or format." I'm just sending it as text, so I'm not sure whats up with that. Is anyone still using their Newton for email? If so, what service provider do you go through, and which Newton application is the best?

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The last time I tried to send and receive email on Newton, the stumbling block was lack of SSL authentication to SMTP and POP servers, which is required for most email services nowadays. I couldn't find any Newton email clients that supported SSL.

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