Applecat w/ 212 Upgrade Card!

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Applecat w/ 212 Upgrade Card!

ready for a new problem? :O) okidoki then.. I have a working Applecat modem! along with the famous 212 upgrade card! the Applecat Modem is in slot #2 and it works great doing it's normal PR# commands , due to the fact that it has the firmware rom installed to the card , plus it has a touch tone decoder chip on it! I remember this card way back in the day , well because it did some really neat tricks , those of you know what I mean , and don't want to delve into that , hmmmm , ;o) . let's just say that some really clever people in the past made some great utilities for this modem card making it a real powerfull card , which I am sure upset alot of phone companies back in it's day :O)

Any how , the 212 card has a dual splitter for the power source , alowing me to tap into the II+'s main power connector . this way I don't have to take up any slot's on the II+'s motherboard. this is my question , the ribbon cable that goes from the modem to the 212 card , since i cannot figure out which wire is pin #1 , would the wires [on the ribbon cable] be facing up or down? and going to the modem , i would imagine that pin#1 would be the first pin all the way to the left of the connector for the ribbon cable on the modem itself , or if you are looking directly at the modem , when it is in a slot , would be the pin closeset facing you?

and then I have to get the actual docs for this card and 212 upgrade card , to determain what dips too turn on and configure the Applecat.

thanks again.

Patrick A.