apple IIGS's external 3.5" diskette drive?

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apple IIGS's external 3.5" diskette drive?

was curious if there's any idea if its not difficult (or not worth it) to fix one of these when the eject button wouldn't eject it anymore but you alway got use a unbent paperclip each time? thanks.

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The mechanism inside those dr

The mechanism inside those drives is just a standard Apple SuperDrive floppy drive. Get any original SuperDrive and you should be able to swap the mechanism no sweat.

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Depends on what the problem is. The two most likely reasons are that the eject button is no longer working or that the eject motor is burned out. You can use a software eject to see if the drive mechanism is functional. Prosel 16 has that as part of the program. Prosel 8 probably does to but I can't recall for sure.
If you remove the bottom of the drive case you will be able to see where the eject button wires connect to the daisy-chain board. It'll be a black plug. Short those two contacts together and the disk will eject if it's just a faulty eject button.
If the drive mechanism is the problem, I can send you eithe an 800k or a Superdrive mechanism for the price of the postage.


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3 1/2" Drives

If you feel inquisitive you can open up the case, expose
the mechanism and go over it with a fine-bristle paint
brush (clean) and some compressed air. It just might need
a little cleaning. I also enlarged the paperclip holes on
my drives to 1/16" and inserted a 1/2"L x 1/16"Dia aluminum
pop-rivet with the shank (nailhead piece) removed. This
acts as a permanent manual eject button and doesn't look
bad or interfere with the normal (electronic) eject function.

Maybe this will be of help with your drive. Those things
are usually bullet proof. As others have said, if all else
fails, you can use any Apple 3 1/2" mechanism in its place.

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