I sense the death rattle....

...of vacation. Tomorrow I'm getting up at 8 to go take some AP History practice test, so that's how I have from 9-12 covered. Then I'll go home and work on a garden of some sort, and prepare a bonfire for Saturday... and thennnnn I'll do a &*^%ing shitload of homework. It's probably because I've been doing whatever the &*^% I want with my time since friday afternoon, but I'm really not feeling motivated to go back to school.

Sure, it's only a few more weeks 'till summer. Then, I only have 2 more years of high school left. Great, right? I suppose so, but I mean, next year is the last year I'll have with yardstick, b.dex, Jim, morgan, and carl. And thems some mighty fine friends. Then I have one really close year left with people like David and Sarah, and we'll probably hang over the summer, and we'll keep in touch and stuff, but somehow I'm really reluctant to go off to college and to make new friends and shit. I really like what I have now, I don't want to have to do it all over again.

Then after college, I'll need to find a job. In my head, ideally I'm working at/running a recording label that my band started, and I'm living in Boston or somewhere I really like, and Dave's there working with me and yardstick has his film house somewhere nearby and we collaborate. So basically, we're all still living near each other and having wild madcap adventures. Hell, I can dream, can't I?

I think I'm being too narrow minded about the whole business of this school stuff. I'm enjoying myself now, and I have one quarter left this year, so I'm going to work hard and do well, same going for the next two years, try to get into a semi-decent college, which is another story, and then... we'll see.

Thing with college is, I really like cities, and I'd like to not be in Maine. However, so far my absolute #1 choice is the College of The Atlantic, which is in Bar Harbor, Maine. IN state NOT in a city, but it has everything else I want (rated best college food by the Prionceton Review and Cooking magazine) and the location is beautiful. Then I say, "Ben you stupid little &*^%, you're only a sophomore, stop worrying!" so I'm going to stop worrying.

Yesterday b.dex and I went to the BURLINGTON COAT FACTORY to find him a snazzy suit coat. That night some croo members assembled at his house and we all made dinner, under the commands of pirate cap'n yardstick. Hot diggity DAMN is he a good cook. If I were gay I'd marry him. Anyway, overall this vacation has been mighty swell, and I've had a lot of fun. It's weater and times like these that make me think: "Maybe life isn't that bad after all..."

Maybe it isn't.



**Song of the moment: "Need Yo Luv'" - By The Gadjits**