Running MacHTTP from a RAM disk

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Running MacHTTP from a RAM disk

Running MacHTTP off a RAM disk?

I am considering trying to run MacHTTP from a RAM disk to reduce wear and tear on the hard disk of my Color Classic. The drive spins constantly while the machine is on (which is 24/7/365) and while the first drive lasted 15 years it only makes sense to conserve the life of the replacement and reduce the electricity the Color Classic uses if possible.

My Color Classic has 10MB of RAM (the maximum it can recognize). System software is using a whopping 4MB of that, and if MacHTTP runs for awhile it wants 4 MB, too. The only other application that I have running concurrently is ftpd for updating the server via ftp over my local network (my router blocks incoming ftp connections for security purposes).

The memory control panel will only let me set a RAM disk for a little over 3MB. Maybe setting the disk cache to higher number will help?