the Most Classic Movies

Times fllies,but the most classic movies stay forever in the film world and people’s memory. The classic movies,no matter for their themes or their performing skills, all can be called first-class. It is really a enjoyment whenever you watch these movies. Now, I’d like to recommamd some classic movies to share with all the people who like movies and concern the film industry.
These movies,like
Pride and Prejudice,
Gone with the Wind,
Brave Heart,
the Bodyguard,
Forrest Gump,
It Happens One Night,
Waterloo Bridge
The Godfather
A Walk in the Clouds
The Sound of Music.
Even the movies directecd or performed by Charles Chaplin, his movies such as the Great Dictator, the Gold Rush, City Lights, Modern Times, the Kid, A Woman of Paris,etc.
Most of the movies were produced a half of a century ago.They had standed the test of the time. Their moving stories, their characters, and even their musics all gave our world a beatiful menory, and enriched our life.
Do you want to listen their musics in your ipod or watch them in whereever you want?

(edit by eeun - this is a spammer post, and had links to the usual crashy DVD MP4 conversion crap that seems to be posted here almost once a day)

Apart from these, there are also many other wonderful films that take an impaortant role in the development of the film industry. And I will introduce them to you in my following blogs. Howerver if any of you have good films, please don’t forget to share with me.


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Blade Runner
Escape From New York (Not LA, it sucked stagnant pond water)
Rocky Horror Picture Show (I'm a little eclectic)
Citzen Kane ("Rosebud...")
The Lion In Winter
Miracle On 34th Street (The Original B&W Version)

My personal favorites are the madmax and back to the future series.

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You guys knew you were responding to spam, right?

i guess i need to open my eyes and read a little bit more... i had no clue

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What these guys have been doing is posting a combination of helpful video conversion "guides" that are just ads for their products, and setting up multiple accounts where one post will ask about video/audio conversion, then the other account will eventually chime in with the product name.
Their original product website is actually word-filtered here, but they're now marketing the same crap under a number of different names, or maybe there's now several competing companies all garbage and using the same spam marketing techniques.
I spent a couple hours last weekend cleaning out a co-workers laptop and came across one of their conversion programs that was causing crashes on system startup without even launching the program.
It seems they're now posting fake blog posts like the one above.

If you happen across any of these on Applefritter, you're welcome to send me a PM and I'll make sure it's unpublished asap.

Hawaii Cruiser keeps posting his spam image in their threads, which is sort of helpful, since anytime I see a post reading DON'T PATRONIZE SPAM!!!! it's a bit of a flag for me to investigate Wink

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I didn't know either. I'll watch out from now on.
Thanks! Smile